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“Didn’t you read the fine print?”

“There is a clearly stated exception.”

“I’m sorry, but your policy . . .”

Are you hearing any of these from your insurance company agent, broker, or representative? Contact an experienced insurance policy attorney in Santa Clara County, California at the Law Office of Gary S. Rose, when you feel as though there is a discrepancy between what you were promised, and what your insurance company is now telling you.

27 Years of Work for Policyholders

I work to reverse the “disparity of knowledge” so prevalent in this specialized area of law, a disparity which is almost always to the detriment of the California consumer or policyholder. My 27 years of work in insurance law has allowed me to help many clients recover unpaid benefits that had been wrongfully withheld.

I enjoy “taking on” large institutions, on behalf of individuals and small businesses and working to reverse the “disparity of knowledge” and financial clout that leaves the consumer at a distinct disadvantage. I was raised on a small farm, in East San Jose, California and I have sharp memories of how my family was taken advantage of by big business when it came time to sell their products. I don't like it any better today, when big business takes advantage of consumers. I speak Portuguese, am active in my community, and have made “pro bono” services to the less fortunate a feature of my practice since it began.

When You Need a Game Plan

When my Los Gatos insurance law firm takes a case, I develop a game plan with clients that includes a an explanation of all phases of their case, including discovery, disclosure, deposition, negotiation, settlement, and, sometimes, expert testimony. As an experienced insurance law attorney, I educate my clients so that they know what to expect. Ethics are important to me. I tell my new clients: “We are going to tell the truth, and we are going to win with the truth.” 

When a problem with an insurer arises, whether you consult with me or someone else, make sure that you get an attorney experienced in practicing this type of law, who has a proven record of accomplishment. Free initial consultations and case evaluations are provided as a courtesy to prospective clients.


Competent. Dedicated. Experienced.

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